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solve-design website and graphic design services
IT Support

Solve-IT offer IT support and consultancy services to small businesses. We offer a wide range of services tailored to your company's needs. Whether you have one laptop or an office with 20 PCs of different shapes and sizes we can help.

Here is a list of IT Buzzwords (and what we mean) that will make you feel very confident that we can solve all your problems:

  • Technical Liaison
    • We can translate IT gobbledegook into English, let us speak to the tech support and customer services departments for you
  • Hardware and Software Supply and Install
    • We can research the best hardware and software for you based on your budget, this research will be unbiased and tailored to suit you
  • Networking
    • We can create a network to connect your computers to allow you to get the most from them, if you have an existing network we can maintain and upgrade it where necessary
  • Backup Setup
    • It WILL happen to you, if your data is valuable you need to be backing it up, let us find and implement the right solution to suit you
  • Wireless Networking
    • We can setup wireless network in and around your place of work to allow people with laptops to connect seamlessly to your network
  • Troubleshooting + Repair
    • Whether it is a irritating glitch, a blue screen error or just general sluggishness we can diagnose the problem and offer a remedy
  • Data Recovery
    • If you have had disc failure and you don’t have backups of all of your data, we can assess how severe the failure is and if it requires specialist attention send it to a trusted data recovery specialist
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