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solve-design website and graphic design services
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Websites are more important than people think. People in this web savvy age will judge companies based on their website regardless of what their company does. It doesn’t matter if it is podiatry or pebble-dashing, if your website is naff and a competitor’s looks more professional, you are losing work.

Your website should present you in a distinctive way and give people a feel for how you work. The look and feel of your site can convey an attitude, an ethos, it can give people a feeling for who you are and what you do. It doesn’t matter whether your website performs complex and specific tasks or it is simply to give you an online presence, it must always be designed with you and most importantly the end user in mind.

While we do put great emphasis on how a website looks, this must never compromise the sites functionality and usability. We design our sites to be easy to use, guiding users to information you wish deliver to them, or to specific actions you want them to take, such as getting in touch or signing up.

We build websites of all shapes and sizes for a multitude of purposes, ranging from simple information based sites, through to bespoke Content Management Systems and even cool flash sites.

There is a lot of 'other stuff' to worry about with websites, such as domain registration, web hosting and email. We will take care of all of this for you, we use a top notch UK based hosting company called XILO, we will handle your hosting, domain names and even setup your email addresses on your computers.

Whatever it is you need we can help, we promise...

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